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We cater to all skill and experience levels while providing a proprietary technology that matches student needs, preferences, and capabilities with the right programs, content, form, and instructions to maximize their progress. Our community enables 360-degree engagement to foster an accelerated and inclusive learning environment.

Please submit your information using this Contact Form and we will contact you when our 1 on 1 lessons launch.  Also, please let us know if you would like to create exclusive teaching videos for the Melody Domain site.
Melody Domain aims to offer the world music lessons that encompass all major instruments. These classes are meant to be offered to beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level students. We offer our teachers the freedom to assess students individually and use a combination of general and personalized lesson techniques. The lessons are offered to students of all ages. As a teacher on Melody Domain, you will be able to log your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses, so we can make sure we promote your lessons to the right students and find you the right matches for your needs and preferences.
Teachers will be compensated for every lesson they teach with a set fee. The fee agreement will be within the fair market value of teachers with your experience, expertise, and following. Teachers also have the ability to create pre-recorded lessons to be used on Melody Domain exclusively. These videos will be compensated at an hourly rate for the production of the videos.
Melody Domain will gather your skills, instruments, experience, preferences, and use them to match them with students that are proven to be the best fit for your style and preferences. Students and teachers will have the ability to give written feedback on each other after each lesson. There is also a community where students and teachers can engage freely. All of this information will be weighted appropriately using our matching algorithm in an effort to continuously improve matches over time.
Music teachers are allowed to teach the basics and intermediate level lessons of any instruments they have a teaching skill level of. The preferred music genres are currently, jazz, reggae, rock, r&b, hip-hop, and soul. Melody Domain will continue to expand its music genre at the request of the students and teachers available.
Teachers should have a minimum of 7 years of experience playing and teaching music with their chosen instrument(s). We prefer that teachers have a bachelor’s degree in music but it is not required. Strong music performance skills and strong communication skills are also preferred.
Melody Domain plans to support students of all ages and abilities.
Classes are scheduled using a lesson calendar on the site. Each teacher will have their own calendar and are responsible for making sure their availability is accurate. The calendar will allow teachers and students to cancel classes with enough notice, but we strongly encourage teachers to do everything they can to make sure they attend all classes they are scheduled for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Melody Domain music lesson platform. Our platform is the newest place for students with music aspirations to learn, hone, and improve their ability to play instruments and vocal skills.