Avast Keeps Stopping Websites Coming from My Computer system

Recently, Avast antivirus application stopped hindering websites out of my pc. I cannot realise why this ant-virus software could suddenly go wrong and block websites i want to see or apply. Whenever I go to fresh sites or perhaps look for items on Google, Avast blocks access in all web browsers. It seems like this antivirus program is not working properly any longer.

Before, when I want to check out a new site, I would be capable of see it with my browser. Great, even when We go to a specific page online, Avast hindrances access overall. It is extremely aggravating because Avast is my own all in one anti-virus solution for the purpose of my computer systems. This is really a big problem due to the fact my computer is probably one of the top five or top ten most infected with malware programs inside the entire world.

The problem is that Avast is not updated to compliment the latest technology like Internet Explorer and Opera. This is why my personal computer is usually freezing or crashing on a regular basis. Since this is a virus, I really do not have the choice of having my personal computer re-install Avast thus i have to pay to get a new software license just about every time I want to work with it. This has become very expensive. Thank goodness I have a task now that I will just mail my charges to someone else because avast keeps blocking websites this application costs a lot.